sanction · ​ · ​[uncountable] (formal) official permission or approval for an action or a change synonym authorization · ​[countable] sanction (against. The Security Council can take action to maintain or restore international peace and security under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. Sanctions. Recent Actions ; Counter Terrorism Designations and Designation Update; Iran-related Designation. April 04, - Sanctions List Updates. Synonyms for SANCTION: permission, authorization, consent, granting, allowance, warrant, license, clearance; Antonyms of SANCTION: prohibition, refusal. Sanctions · Press Statement. Designating Financial Supporters of Iran's Ministry of Defense · Press Statement. Designating Sources of Illicit DPRK Revenue.

sanction · 1[countable, usually plural] sanction (against somebody) an official order that limits trade, contact, etc. · 2[uncountable] (formal) official. The National Adjudicatory Council (NAC), has developed the FINRA Sanction Guidelines for use by the various bodies adjudicating disciplinary decisions. The sanctions can be either comprehensive or selective, using the blocking of assets and trade restrictions to accomplish foreign policy and national security. At the conclusion of the judicial process, a judge may sentence an individual convicted of a crime to some type of penalty or sanction, such as a decree of. sanction · Strongest match. approval · Strong matches. acquiescence · allowance · approbation · assent · authority · backing · confirmation · consent. A sanction is a temporary reduction in cash benefits that is applied to a TANF case when a customer does not meet work participation requirements. sanction verb [T] (PUNISH). to punish someone for something, especially officially: Prospective jurors can be sanctioned for attempting to avoid jury duty. Sanctions, in law and legal definition, are penalties or other means of enforcement used to provide incentives for obedience with the law or other rules and. Financial Sanctions. S. No. Subject, Date. 1, State-wise revised allocation of funds for incurring expenditure on the implementation of work sanctioned. sanction If someone in authority sanctions an action or practice, they officially approve of it and allow it to be done. He may now be ready to sanction the. EU sanctions tracker · Iran. Iran · Restrictive measures in relation to the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) · UN and EU · Arms export.

As part of the economic sanctions, the EU has imposed a number of import and export restrictions on Russia. This means that European entities cannot sell. Economic sanctions, typically a ban on trade, possibly limited to certain sectors (such as armaments), or with certain exceptions (such as food and medicine). sanction · to authorize, approve, or allow: an expression now sanctioned by educated usage. · to ratify or confirm: to sanction a law. EU sanctions against Russia following the invasion of Ukraine Our sanctions are eroding sharply Russia's economic base, slashing any prospect to modernise it. At the conclusion of the judicial process, a judge may sentence an individual convicted of a crime to some type of penalty or sanction, such as a decree of. On March 6, , President Obama signed Executive Order that authorizes sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for violating the sovereignty. SANCTION meaning: 1: an action that is taken or an order that is given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with. Sanction has two nearly opposite meanings: to sanction can be to approve of something, but it can also mean to punish, or speak harshly to. Sanction, in the social sciences, a reaction (or the threat or promise of a reaction) by members of a social group indicating approval or disapproval of a.

sanction · 1. final permission; authorization · 2. aid or encouragement · 3. something, such as an ethical principle, that imparts binding force to a rule, oath. The Sanctions List Search tool uses approximate string matching to identify possible matches between word or character strings as entered into Sanctions List. As part of FINRA's regulatory mission, it must stand ready to discipline member firms and their associated persons by imposing sanctions when necessary and. US Issues Tri-Seal Compliance Note to Highlight how Foreign Persons can be Subject to US Sanctions and Export Controls On March 6, , the US Department of. Trade barriers, import and export restrictions, embargoes, tariffs, and other financial restrictions are commonly used as economic sanctions. Economic sanctions.

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A violation of the Code and Standards or the Pathway to Certification Agreement constitutes grounds for sanction. In cases where grounds for sanction are proven.

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